Double spending bug in Polygon’s Plasma bridge

Polygon’s Plasma overview

Polygon’s network overview

The bug

  • block receipt root: receipts root hash of the block
  • receipt: a receipt containing all essential information of a transaction such as sender, receiver, amount, and what token is sent
  • receipt proof: Merkle proof of the receipt
  • branch mask: the traversal path of where the receipt hash is located within the receipt proof
verifyInclusion function in WithdrawManager contract
verify function in MerklePatriciaProof library
_getNibbleArray function in MerklePatriciaProof library
All encoded branch mask variants decode to the same raw branch mask
  • deposits 200,000 USD worth of tokens to the DepositManager contract
  • burns the tokens with a burn transaction on Polygon network
  • starts the exit
  • waits the seven days challenge period
  • processes the exit and gets the initial funds back

The fix





Retired DeFi Flashboy / Former C-Dili auditor & MythX tool builder

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Gerhard Wagner

Gerhard Wagner

Retired DeFi Flashboy / Former C-Dili auditor & MythX tool builder

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